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Graffiti Fonts 1.8

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앱 설명

The first & original Graffiti Fonts™ collection is now available in the Mac app store! First released to the public in 2003 this collection was the first of it's kind & includes the earliest, authentic, graffiti style typefaces ever created. Before this collection debuted there was no such thing as a graffiti font. We’ve included tag styles, wildstyles, throwie styles & more all designed by real graff-writers & experienced font developers. All fonts are licensed for commercial use & included in OpenType (OTF) format for compatibility with any modern Mac, PC or linux system.

This is release 1.8. This specialized Mac version of the original CDROM collection includes a number of upgrades, expansions & enhancements to fonts & artwork from the original version and is sold here in the app store 25% cheaper than the retail price direct from our website.

Fonts Included:

New Digital™
Human Rase™
5 Cent™
Can Control™
Kilroy Was Here™
08 Underground™
Cap Construct™

This specialized Mac app provides easy previewing & installation of all of the fonts, images & vector illustrations & other material in the collection. You can choose to install whole categories of content in one move or you can browse through previews of the fonts and install them individually. The app also provides viewing of the commercial license text, contact information for support and a copy of our tiny VectorGraff™ layout & drawing application.

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