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앱 설명

Welcome to Gridded, the versatile, easy-to-use, powerful, and completely free flashcard application for iOS and macOS.

Gridded is different from most flashcard applications. It works like this: you select a small group of items, memorize the responses, and then take a quiz which asks you about each of them exactly once. The idea is to start off with small groups you are able to memorize easily, and then start memorizing larger and larger groups until you are able to memorize entire decks or large portions of decks.

Unlike a normal flashcard application, you know exactly what you are going to be tested on, because you choose this yourself.

Then, Gridded will keep track of how in need of review each of your items is and color-code them accordingly. Different-colored items will become gray at different rates, and you can look for the most gray items when deciding what to review.

Gridded supports both images (which have their resolution and bit depth reduced to improve file sizes and speed up syncing) and mathematical formatting, which can be written in either LaTeX or AsciiMath (or a combination).

There is support for syncing between an unlimited number of iOS and macOS devices, and for learners of foreign languages, there are text-to-speech voices that will let you hear the pronunciation of a word as you study it. There is also a built-in translator.

For those who would like to memorize digits of pi or lyrics to songs, the "New Ordered Items" option will take something with an order and make flashcards out of it.

Let’s say that you import a large number of flashcards from some source using the "Many New Items" option, but some of these items you already had in your library. You can use the "Resolve Conflicts" option to merge any two items that have the same prompt, and rid your library of duplicates.

Other features include the ability to split large decks into multiple smaller decks of fixed size and the ability to customize whether to ignore case, spacing, diacritics (accents), or punctuation.

A single item can be stored in multiple decks, all items and decks have a category, and multiple decks can be gathered into a bundle. Bundles can be exported and shared as ".griddedBundle" files.

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