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HDR Control

퍼블리셔: Alexandre Nadaud
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: 9.99 USD

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앱 설명

Apply a stunning HDR like effect on a batch of photos ... Perfect for real estate or wedding photographers

HDR Control is a powerful production tool that will let you 
achieve dramatic and stunning images out of any photo...

You need eye popping photos! This is the tool you need :

• Super Easy: HDR photography can be quite challenging but
with HDR Control it is easy you need only one image!
• It takes second to have stunning pics without any special
• Dynamic Images: HDR Control extends dramatically the
range of dynamic light for mesmerizing effects.
• Working in real estate or trying to enhance a set of photos
fast. With HDR Control you will batch multiple images in one
• Having an under exposed or over exposed image. HDR
Control will works amazingly and reveal details you could not

You are in real estate and you have many photos of properties you need to get vibrant and natural... HDR Control is perfect for that.
You do wedding photography, apply this filter on your shots and make them lively.
You have images with shadows or highlights opaques! Use HDR Control to reveal details you did not know that was there

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