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HDR projects platin

퍼블리셔: Franzis Verlag GmbH
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: 7.99 USD

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앱 설명

The High-Dynamic-Range Photography Software - made in Germany
■ Maximum design capability to seven newly developed HDR algorithms
■ Selective HDR for best results in all image areas
■ Perfect high-end HDR from single exposures
■ Fastest HDR rendering process by using GPU acceleration
■ Realistic contrast range

Automatic HDR creation and more, at the click of a button
HDR projects platin offers new capabilities to intervene directly in the HDR process. It is possible to choose between seven newly developed HDR algorithms and specific parameters in HDR creation like smoothing, denoising, Halo adaptation and many more.
Individual image areas can be defined partially using mask mode with direct determination of weight in HDR fusion. Best HDR results can be achieved using the 32-bit area!

Blurred exposure series can be corrected automatically using HDR preparation.
For those who would like to shoot more than just landscapes: Ghosting issues can be solved effectively using HDR painter. Moving objects within an exposure series can be removed easily either automatically or manually by using the HDR painter.
Produce fascinating HDR photo compositions with HDR projects platin and follow up your working progress on screen in real time.

Professional post-processing for impressive results
HDR projects platin offers maximum design options for the post-processing of your HDR pictures. In addition
HDR projects platin contains five different tone mapping algorithms, which are optimised for special situations.

There are 46 post-processing effects available for the free interpretation of your HDR pictures. These effects are classified in six categories: edge effects, geometric effects, exposure effects, blurring effects and artistic effects. Even smooth transitions in 360° panoramas are possible. Quick results are possible with the existing presets. By using the expert mode you create your own presets with a filter stack and discover the endless possibility of combinations in post-processing with the preset combiner.

State of the Art – HDR projects platin demonstrates the technological feasibility of HDR software.
HDR projects platin is a brand new development – made in Germany – which is dedicated to profes- sional application.
The professional finds the greatest possible design option which has never existed before through seven different HDR algorithms, selective HDR by
partial use of the original images, and tone mapping with 58 presets and 46 freely defined post-processing filters in a clear work flow.
We have never had a HDR software more effective until now. The time-consuming calculation process is 40-times faster because of the GPU, the addres- sing and the use of the graphic data processor. This means HDR in real time!

• High-end HDR out of exposure series
• Support of all common RAW image formats
• HDR out of one image – exposure series generated automatically
• Maximum design options:
7 newly developed HDR algorithms
• Selective HDR to emphasise the single exposures
• Solves every problem concerning ghost pictures: HDR painter
• Removal of distracting Halos through adjustable HDR smoothing
• HDR in real time with highly optimised algorithms • Dynamic user interface with support
of up to 6 screens
• 58 freely combined tone mapping
presets – for quick and professional results
• Expert mode with 5 tone-mapping algorithms and 46 photo filters in 6 clearly arranged image categories
• Selective post-processing in different brightness ranges
• Automatic exposure series detection
• Comfortable batch processing with light table
• 40-times faster HDR rendering process through GPU acceleration (Graphics Processing Unit)
• Maximum hardware compatibility with
32-core multithreading

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