Hold'em Signs

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앱 설명

Play poker like a pro!
Hold'em Signs will show you how the pros make their decisions at the table ...

Hold'em Signs is a poker odds calculator for the popular poker variant Texas hold'em with many additional functions and wizards.

Main features include:
... before Flop
- Game recommendation after evaluation of the starting hand in the starting hand categories 1 8 depending on the position. (Details display in the ToolTip)
- Game recommendation deppending on the determined points by the Hutchison point system for limit Texas Hold'em poker and on the position. (Details display in the ToolTip)

... between Flop and River
- Indication of the possible flush and straight draws and backdoor draws.
- Indication of outs including draws and backdoor draws and display the hit probability. (Details display in the ToolTip)

... in general
- Indication of win-, lose - and split-pot odds through game simulations.

You can choose between two modes:

--- Real Odds Simulation ---
The game recommendation is based on the calculation of real odds in a holdem poker game. It is assumed by one opponent, he has one of the most played starting hands. All pocket pairs AA to 22 and all starting hands YX with Y as highest card value on the board and X as Ace to 2 are simulated. The input of active players is omitted here.

--- General Odds Simulation ---
Here, the odds are simulated only through a general random distribution of the remaining cards in the deck of all involved players and the board.

- Display the player positions with automatic forwarding in new game.
- A recommendation for the current betround in the form of a traffic light. You can adjust it just as you want to play loose or tight.
- Online-Poker mode with optimized user interface for fast input.
- Analysis mode for table sizes with 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 4 and 2 players.
- Specify of your highest possible hand per rank and the opponents after the flop
- Specifying your outs between flop and river with respective ToolTip which hand they belong to.

Integrated Assistants:
- Call-Assistant:
Specifies depending on your win odds, the pot size and leftover players the maximum call amount you should call.

- Bet-Assistant:
You want to bet, but you don't know what the optimal bet amount is to use?
The Bet-Assistant gives you depending on your odds of winning the optimal usage height in pot units on so you score gains in the long term.

- Pot-Odds Assistant:
You're not sure whether you should call in your hand or would rather fold?
The Pot-Odds Assistant will help you with the decision and gives you a recommendation to call or better yet to fold after entering the amounts for pot and call.

- Bluff-Assistant:
If there are fewer than three players of Bluff-Assistant analyzes the situation and gives you a recommendation, whether it is worthwhile to bluff.

In poker it's still more factors. Among others, the betting patterns of opponents, tells, the betting behavior in the previous rounds or your position to the betting, therefore
are the recommendations without guarantee and guarantee no profit.

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