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앱 설명

Connect devices across platforms and monitor your home from anywhere. No need for external cameras. Choose from our bundles for an even better experience.

Home Security Monitor System will help you guard and monitor your home when you're away. Just connect two or more devices (phones, tablets, laptop) and transform them into a monitoring system. You don't need to buy expensive external camera monitoring systems when you can use your phone instead!

Simply leave one device in the area you want to monitor and take the second device wherever you need to go. Please note that the Mac version of Home Security Monitor System can only be used as the Owner Unit.

Home Security Monitor System includes features such as:

• LIVE VIDEO in five different quality levels so you can always see what's going on real-time at home or anywhere else

• LIVE AUDIO STREAM so you can always see hear any noise that might indicate something's wrong

• MULTI-PLATFORM SUPPORT over all major platforms so you can combine devices across platforms to suit all of your needs

• MULTI-AREA SUPPORT so you can watch up to 4 different Areas from an unlimited number of Owner Units

• FAST CONFIGURATION that takes less than 30 seconds to set up so you can monitor anytime and anywhere

• UNLIMITED RANGE working over Wi-Fi, 3G, and LTE without any trouble reconnecting from one network to another so your connection is always smooth

• SECURITY so you never have to worry about your privacy because all of the sessions are securely encrypted by industry's standards

• BATTERY ALERT so you never have to worry about the monitoring shutting off in the middle of the night due to low battery

Home Security Monitor System is the perfect solution for monitoring your home or business without the need for external security systems and cameras.

We'd be very happy if you let us know how much you like Home Security Monitor System with a review or at Thank you so much for your support!

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