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IceWarp Configurator

퍼블리셔: IceWarp Ltd.
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: 무료

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앱 설명

Configure collaboration and messaging on your Mac. Log in to your company account just as you would log in to webmail, and IceWarp Configurator takes care of the rest, setting up Mail, Messages, Contacts, Calendar and Reminders, all at once or selectively.

IceWarp Configurator is aimed at non-tech users who don't know their company's server hostname, port number or URLs. These network parameters are otherwise required when setting up Internet accounts hosted on IceWarp Server. It is also useful to IT staff and power users to save time and avoid errors when adding or deleting user profiles.

- Requires IceWarp Server 11.0 and higher. See in webmail on Help - About page.
- Features other than email may not be available in your organization.
- Uses AutoDiscover service.

- Password needs to be re-entered when you open Messages for the first time.
- Reminders need to be enabled manually in System Preferences - Internet Accounts - Calendars & Reminders Account.

- Your data is private, the application doesn't collect any personal data, email addresses, analytics or diagnostics information. No third-party connections are opened by the application, you are logging in to your company's server. Passwords are encrypted.

- We are not the service provider, we don't manage your server, we cannot reset your password. Please contact your IT helpdesk or administrator if the application doesn't work for you.

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