Ideal Solitaire

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앱 설명

Ideal Solitaire is a full featured solitaire collection that includes 42 different game varieties. Some of the features include the ability to undo and redo 100 moves, auto play mode, keyboard shortcuts, replay last game feature, tracks best times and game statistics, secondary mouse button support, and a convenient Mac toolbar interface. It also includes various appearance options, such as different backgrounds, card backs, and card highlight colors.

In game help is included to explain the rules for each game. Ideal Solitaire includes the following solitaire varieties:

Auld Lang Syne
Baker’s Dozen
Beleaguered Castle
Double Klondike (Flip 1)
Double Klondike (Flip 3)
Easy Aces
Eight Off
Face Up
Fortune’s Favor
Forty Thieves
Fourteen Out
Free Cell
Good Measure
Idiot’s Delight
Klondike Common (Flip 1)
Klondike Common (Flip 3)
Klondike Relaxed (Flip 1)
Klondike Relaxed (Flip 3)
Klondike Strict
La Belle Lucie
Miss Milligan
Prince Albert
Rank and File
Reverse Pyramid
Secret Squares
Spider (1 Suit)
Spider (2 Suits)
Spider (4 Suits)
Tam O’Shanter

Ideal Solitaire includes free play of the most common version of Klondike solitaire. The additional 41 solitaire varieties can be unlocked with a one time in app purchase from the Mac App Store.

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