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***Streaming media (Video/Audio/Photos) with MediaServer now!***

WidsMob MediaServer is a standard UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) AV (Audio/Video) media server which automatically recognizes UPnP devices within a network.
Using WidsMob MediaServer you can share media files (audio, picture, and video files). This means that all users in the local network have access to the files. Players that are compatible with the UPnP standard can use, play and display shared media files.
Your Mac computer can link up to other consumer electronics devices to create a unified media center via WidsMob MediaServer.

Stream media files to UPnP device
• Stream and transfer files from Local Folders, iTunes and Photos.
• Support photos, videos and audio formats from Mac.
• Import files to the Mac media server within one click.
• Preview the files to stream or transfer.
• Browse the media files on other UPnP devices without downloading.
• Stream media files to multiple UPnP devices simultaneously.

Manage stream data and UPnP devices
• Permit the Access Control/Deny Access for the desired devices.
• Add or remove the folder of media files to stream or transfer.
• Check the browse requests, transfer request and transferred bytes.
• Set up network interface to protect the private information to transfer.
• Automatically allow new devices to access Media Server.
• One-click to start or stop the stream or transfer process.

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