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Invoices 3

퍼블리셔: Roberto Panetta
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: 39.99 USD

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앱 설명

Test version available at our web site. Try it before buy!

Invoices 3 is a native macOS only application to create and manage in a simple and effective way commercial invoices for small business.

Using Invoices you can create commercial invoices with just simple click operations inserting pre-made values or using custom introductions.

Invoices allows to have a pre-made list of:
◆ Customers
◆ Products and services as a custom long free-form text description
◆ Products and services as rows of a multi item invoices with automatic calculation of total based on quantity and prices introduced
◆ Bottom notes where to specify payment methods and others
◆ Private note for internal purpose only

Invoices is smart in creating and making your invoices:
■ Invoices are created with customizable date and unique serial per invoice
■ Data input is easy, fast and error proof.
■ Can manage track number and order number
■ 2 different value of taxes can be applied to total
■ 2 different tax ID can be used for customers
■ It can assign VAT values based on the customers automatically (very useful as example for VAT in Europe if customers is in another country or outside Europe)
■ It can change on the fly price, discount, quantity of product items you are going to insert in item based invoices
■ It does all the calculations for you
■ Created invoices can be printed with custom company logo and header
■ Page format A4 and USA-Letter are managed in native way
■ Free form text descriptions and items by row invoices can coexist in the same document
■ Managed invoices can be searched and sorted early by year customers and many other values
■ Data used for input can be sorted and filtered before inserting for an easy to do input
■ Invoices can have layout with customer on right or on left with position ready to be used for mail shipment
■ Invoices can be seen as they will be printed and zoomable at different levels
■ Generated invoices are easy to print using your printer
■ generated invoices are easy to export to PDF (for email sending)
■ Import/Export functions to import form TSV and CSV values and export in many formats included custom formats, all with a wonderful native and easy to use Mac interface
■ Full User Guide in PDF explaining in details how to use it, accessible under the Help menu.

Invoices is document based, you can manage as many company as you like, one for document and in a document you can manage all the invoices of a single company for all the years.

Invoices is easy to use and adjustable to any country requirements:
● All the label composing the printed invoice can be customizable in the preferences according with your language.
● You can generate final invoices with only labels in your language.
● Tax ID and Tax percentage over total are customizable and optionally usable, you can set it in accordance to your country/state rules.
● Settings are different for different documents, so you can have different set of values for different companies you manage.
● Numbers, currency, money amount, date are all customizable in accordance with your settings.

If you need to keep records also of Credit invoices for a company, as example, you can simply create another document to manage them.

Invoices is Apple CoreData native, it can manage a very very large amount of data with no problems at all.

Invoices is fully optimized for macOS 10.14 Mojave.
Fully compatible with Dark Mode Appearance

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