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Invoices & Receipts Builder

퍼블리셔: IW Technologies LLC
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앱 설명

Invoices & Receipts Builder is a Powerful App that allows you to quickly build invoices and Receipts on your Mac.
- Custom Branding - Use your company logo.
- Multi Company Support. Create Multiple Companies and easily switch between them.
- Intuitive and Easy to use Builder that let's you save time by building professional Invoices & Receipts in minutes.
- Easily Create a Menu of all your Service Items and set rates/pricing for each and easily apply them when creating your invoices to save time.
- Build Receipts from scratch or convert existing Invoices to Receipts in a click.
- Duplicate Invoices & Receipts
- Instantly Print, Export or Email in PDF format.
- Customizable templates with unlimited theme colors
- Add Tax, Discounts, Shipping & handling & Amounts already paid info to your Invoices
- Multi-Currency Support
- Access & Create/Modify the same Invoice & Receipt data from multiple Computers.
- Job & Customer Management Modules included and many other features

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