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IPCamViewer - P2P H.264/MJPEG with AV Recording

퍼블리셔: Rongrong Xu
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: 29.99 USD

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앱 설명

****THIS IS A GENERIC VERSION OF P2P IP Camera Mac App ! ***

NOTE1: Before you purchase this App,You can try this App's free version that make sure it compatiable with your Camera Device!!!!!

NOTE2: This App only support P2P (plug & play) IP Cameras, if you have old DDNS IP Cameras please don't buy This App.

NOTE3: This free App desn't support The Foscam/VStarCam/Fujkam brand P2P Cameras, if you have these brand P2P IPCameras, choose our another App.

IPCamViewer is the most feature rich app to take advantage of your P2P IP Cameras . All the features you want and need are in this place.For all P2P IP Camera there is two-way audio, video recording, and image capture. We designed the P2PCamera Viewer to focus on home security and office use.

Some of our user’s favorite features include:

Smart auto-discovery detects your P2P IPCamera and can complete the install in less than 30 seconds. once added, only you can view your IP Camera from this app.

Now use the Listen feature to listen your baby ,your office, your dog and remote talk to them.

Unlimited recording times, and support long time recording depends on your Mac's storage.

More features include :
- Support both H.264 & MJPEG P2P IP Cameras
- View live video from andywhere,anytime
- Record MP4 file from H.264 Codec.
- Auto Discovery of P2P IP Cameras
- H.264 & MJPEG Video support.
- Easy to use PTZ features.Support Pan /Tilt/Zoom on controll widget.
- Mirror and Flip video views.
- Record support HD/VGA/QVGA resolution.
- Unlimited record time.
- Completely compatible with Mac QuickTime.
- Use two way audio listening and talking.
- Easy to take pictures .
- Camera most functions Settings.
- Friendly and modern User Interface.

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