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앱 설명

iPray is the name trusted for its reliability and accuracy across the globe, on several different platforms. From its humble beginnings more than a decade ago, iPray has been providing reliable, accurate and zero-configuration prayer times app out of the box. With iPray, "Settings" are truly optional.

Lives in the menu bar, always displaying the current or upcoming prayer details; or can be dragged out to sit in a corner of the screen as a floating window. Also supports compact mode.

The menu bar can display one of several different display modes: Smart Mode, Time to Next Prayer, Time of Upcoming Prayer or simply the Name of the Upcoming Prayer. The default Smart Mode will always display the most relevant time and a countdown to the next prayer or a countup from the current prayer; current prayer if there's still time left to pray, or time left to the next prayer if less than an hour away.

Use the built-in Qibla finder to determine the direction of prayer. The Qibla Locator uses your physical location to visually display the qibla.

Watch dynamic, indulging and beautiful transitions throughout the day. The view changes constantly between prayers to reflect the actual time of day.

Get instant information about the current or upcoming prayer, as well as the Hijri date. Mouse-over prayer names to easily change alert settings or see time to prayer.

Highly customizable. Set individual prayer alerts, including pre-prayer alerts to remind you of upcoming prayers before the actual time of prayer, thus giving you enough time to prepare.

Beautiful, high quality built-in choice of adhan for each prayer, as well as subtle sounds alerts in case you're in a meeting. Allows custom adhan to be picked.

Alerts for: Fajr, Duha, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib, Isha and Qiyam-ul-lail (Last 1/3rd of the night; Tahajjud Prayer)

Supports the major prayer calculation methods as well as the ability to add a custom method.

Launch iPray and you're immediately displayed the most appropriate prayer times relevant to your location / country / region, without any extra configurations or settings.

Works for cities in higher latitudes as well, without requiring manual tweaking in summer and winter.

iPray is extremely battery efficient when running in the background round the clock. It is continually optimised, and requires very little resources to perform its job.

Comes with an in-depth user manual, thoroughly explaining each feature

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