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앱 설명

Are you frustrated with the constant nagging/annoying ads popping up whenever you surf the internet?
Then, install ITL Web Safe for Mac to bid goodbye to all your fears and frustrations of the digital world.

This advanced Internet protection suite for Safari browser offers two very intimidating and powerful browser extensions, namely Domain Blocker and Ad blocker. Both of these extensions are straightforward, efficient, and easy to use.

Ad Blocker brings about an ad-free web experience and presents the content that really matters to you.
Domain Blocker consists of an extensive and enormous database of blocked domains that we believe are damaging, dangerous, and inappropriate for you and your system.

These extensions need to be enabled together to enjoy an enriching and safe web-browsing experience.
But don’t let us define your viewing preferences, by whitelisting any links from our list of blocked websites and subsequently blacklisting some more that aren’t there already.

In the end, it’s you who decides what’s acceptable or not in your web browser.

These extensions don’t require the support of any third party application to operate as it is exclusively designed for Safari.

There’s also no need to register to enable the extensions or any requirement of activation or monthly subscription fees.

Simply install the software and enable it from Safari preferences to ensure complete safety and protection while surfing the web.

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