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jbvTeacher English-German 4000P

퍼블리셔: Jens Busch
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: 무료

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앱 설명

- learn more than 4000 vocabulary in your target language
- learn the pronunciation with native speakers
- see easily your scores
- learn the spelling
- switch the languages between questions and answers
- learn in both directions

It contains more than 4000 of the most common English words and German translations in one of the most advanced E-learning environments. Learn like a professional, improve daily, and have fun at it.

jbvTeacher is the E-Learning software for Apple Computers. E-learning refers to the use of electronic media, information, and communication technologies in education.
It contains not only a computer-based training (CBT) but also provides a multimedia learning, technology-enhanced learning (TEL) experience.
E-learning includes numerous types of media that deliver content in text, audio, images and various other ways.
JbvTeacher gives you text and auditive content which allows you not only to learn very efficient but also improve you listening skills and gives you way more success, fun, and excitement while working on your classes.
Especially designed for language classes, it will improve your long time success. Several settings allow you to adjust the learning procedures
fitting your requirements. The software uses the state of the art speech synthesizer from Apple.
With additional available voices from Apple you can customize your learning program even farther to speak your language. This will come very handy and helpful not only with language learning classes. One of the main features is that you can configure different voices for questions and answers. Therefor the pronunciation will always be perfect and you can enjoy the task of learning.

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