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Clipart 2000+

퍼블리셔: Lihua Yang
가격: 무료

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앱 설명

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Clipart 2000+ for Office contains a total of 2000+ high-resolution PNG, SVG art pieces and videos that are used for illustrations of MS office, Keynote, Pages documents, and different graphics editors.

Clipart for Office collection contains action background videos and polished images range from ready-to-use Christmas clips, SVG vector image, icons and logos to universal symbols for presentations, web pages, printings, e-books, newsletters, advertising, footage of videos, micro-film, MV and virtually any content.

* 2000+ images.
* Sorted into various categories. User can browse through the photos with remarkable ease.
* SVG vector collection for editing.
* Transparent background in PNG format that allow putting images on various colors and patterns.
* Action background videos used for PPT background, stage background, speech recitation background, titles and footage of videos, promotion, micro-film, MV...
* Simply drag or download elements to your document.

Categories include:
- Christmas
- Icons: Materialize Icon, Flat icon, Line Icon, Monochrome Icon, Black icon, SVG vector icons
- Business
- Video Action Background
- Pattern Background
- Cultural
- Technology
- Emotions
- Flags
- Arrows and Lines
- Daily

Any suggestion will be appreciated, support email:

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