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앱 설명

*****Stopped updating due to the trademark and the app name*****

Kaka is a cute lion and also a desktop assistant with some useful features standing on your screen.

1. Display Desktop: You can hide all applications with one click to go back to desktop.
2. Hide Desktop Icons: If you are a person who pays great attention to privacy, you may like this feature when someone is looking at your screen.(Support multi-screen)
3. Turn Off Display: NOT SLEEP, just ONLY turn off your monitor.
4. Prevent System From Falling Asleep: You may want to have a cup of coffee, but every time you come back, the system sleeps makes you very unhappy.
5. Prevent sleep even when lid is CLOSED: Someone like me needs this feature :)
6. Hide The Mouse Cursor Automatically: When you browse a page or watch streaming, the mouse will be hidden automatically.
7. Hide Desktop Icons Automatically: Basically get rid of people who peek at the computer screen. Double click back to screen.
8. Custom Shortcuts

Lots of animations designed for 'Kaka', Let's explore Kaka together!

***Need any help, please contact hsiangho@foxmail.com***

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