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KBook Description Editor - The Kindle HTML Description Generator

퍼블리셔: Derrick Johnson
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: 13.99 USD

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앱 설명

KBook Description Editor - The Kindle HTML Description Generator is the missing, essential app in your Kindle Book Marketing plan.

Let's face it Lackluster Plain Text descriptions are usually boring and overlooked by potential buyers!
Using HTML code you can beautify your listings, making them stand out from your competition.

Make your description stand out to buyers increasing sales, and improve your book's Amazon Search Ranking, by tracking keywords in your book's description as you type.

KBook Description Editor will allow you to type and format your Amazon Kindle Book descriptions and Amazon Createspace Book Descriptions naturally, while formatting the HTML for you automatically!

You no longer need to know HTML to create outstanding Book Descriptions, KBook will generate all the code for you. Improve your book descriptions by including headings, paragraphs, lists, italics and more using Amazon HTML to bring attention to your Kindle Book Listing.

This Kindle Description editor doesn't just stop at helping you format your listing, but also helps increase Book Sales by encouraging you to include targeted keywords in your description text!

First you add the targeted keywords to the keyword list. KBook will then track the content of your description for the listed keywords as you type, providing detailed statistics. The included Word Cloud will give you instant visual feedback of keyword density, as well as word and character count.

KBook Description Editor Features:
- Easy Wysiwyg Visual Editor, to format your text.
- Creates Supported HTML for Book Description.
- Improve Amazon Search Ranking, to Increase Sales.
- Generates All the HTML Code For You.
- Simple visual editor makes formatting a breeze!
- Add and track keywords in your description as you type.
- Description statistics are automatically provided to you and at a glance.
- Counts words used, total characters used, and the combined amount of keywords included in your description.
- Keyword Word Cloud gives you visual feedback for your keyword density.
- Open and Save the Generated HTML file, including keywords to finish or revise later.
- Open and Save as HTML.
- Visual Editor and Live Code Editor are both included.

KBook Description Editor is perfect for:
- Amazon Kindle Authors.
- Amazon Createspace Authors.
- Ebook Authors.
- Internet Marketers.
- Sales Copywriters.
- Virtual Assistants.
- Romance Authors.
- Non Fiction Authors.
- Self Help Authors.
- Fiction Authors.
- Digital Entrepreneurs.
- Kindle Book Descriptions.
- Createspace Book Descriptions.
- Content Producers.
- Template Creators.

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