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Kit for Pages - Templates

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앱 설명

A huge library of superb quality, fully editable templates for Pages.

Choose from 10,000+ easy to customize high quality templates & design assets in over 30 categories. Kit for Pages empowers you to create stunning flyers, invoices, invitations, brochures, infographics, address labels, greeting cards, business cards, certificates & much more, in a matter of minutes. With weekly content updates, you will never run out of templates.

Address labels, badges & ribbons, brochures, business cards, calendars & planners, catalogs, certificates, charts, doodles, envelopes, fax, facebook posts, Facebook covers, flyers, gift certificates, greeting cards, icons, illustrations, infographics, invitations, invoices, labels, letterheads, maps, menus, newsletters, proposals, posters, Pinterest posts, reports, resumes, social media posts, teacher resources, wedding invitations

Edit text, change colours, insert logos, add awesome pictures, scale design elements while retaining image quality & more.

Search function, 947,00+ images, premium quality, copyright & royalty free, unlimited downloads.

Download the app today and get started with over 100 free, customizable templates & design assets.

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