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KKBOX - Let's music !

퍼블리셔: KKBOX
가격: 무료 인 앱 구매 추가

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앱 설명

Over 20,000,000 downloads worldwide! Download FREE trial to enjoy 40 million hit songs online or offline anytime, anywhere. Do start singing along w/ Rolling Lyrics too!

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◎ 40-million Tracks: Comprehensive music library with various genres and moods. Play music from multiple devices, or even offline.
◎ Personalised Recommendation: Amaze yourself with our tailor-made playlists based on your listening habits, as well as exclusive artist-curated playlists.
◎ High-quality Sound: Indulge in immersive music experiences with 320kbps sound.
◎ KKBOX LIVE: Exclusive LIVE broadcast of various concerts with best sound and visual quality. Don't miss out!
◎ "Listen With" Community: Let's enjoy music and chat with your favorite celebrities, or friends at the same time!
◎ Premium Exclusive: Special promotions on concert tickets or lifestyle brands, only for Premium members.

Upgrade to KKBOX Premium via in-app-purchase. The subscription fee will differ based on territory, and the payment will be charged to your credit card directly through iTunes.
If you subscribe to the auto-renewal plan, the system will automatically charge you for the following month, unless you terminate the subscription at least 24 hours before the end date.

30-DAY SUBSCRIPTION (non-renewable):
HK : HK$ 53.00
SG : SG$ 12.98
MY : RM$ 16.90

MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION (auto-renewable):
TW : NT$ 180
HK : HK$ 53.00
JP : JP¥ 1,080
SG : SG$ 12.98
MY : RM$ 16.90

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