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앱 설명

Create unique, native iPhone applications without any coding skills, only with drag and drop!
Design custom screens, give them life by connecting code blocks, link your REST API and later live test your apps in the Kodika app, without the need for other external tools.

• Responsive Design Editor
- Drag and Drop any native iOS design component.
- Customize everything using Inspectors. No coding skills required.
- Instantly preview your changes.
- Use Pins and Advanced Constraints to create Responsive designs for every iPhone Device.

• Import Screens from Zeplin
- Import entire screens using our Zeplin Extension
- Transform Groups to Buttons, TextFields, and other Design Elements.

• Code Blocks
- Combine easy to use code blocks to create your apps.
- Search between hundreds of code blocks using Kodika's unique blocks search.
- Connect your design elements and code blocks with just a tap.

- Import your REST API Endpoints and use them with just a block.
- Support any request type (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, PATCH) and parameter type (query, path, body, header).
- Autogenerate Data Models from the responses and visually connect them to your designs.

• API Datasource
- Make the connection of API Requests with your design easier than ever.
- Bind your parameters and responses with your elements.

• Connect Design and Data with just a Tap
- Use our intuitive editor that helps you connect your Design with your Data and API, with just a tap.
- Connect your Data models to the Design components.

• Custom Fonts
- Search and download Google Fonts.
- Import your font files.

• Push Notifications
- Setup and then send your push notifications to your application’s users, all from your iPad.
- Test your message by sending it to your test devices.

• Import images and icons from:
- Files.app (Local, Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox).
- Your iPad's Image Library.

• Lists and Grid Reusable Cells - Components
- Design your components once and reuse them to create dynamic Lists and Grids.
- Support dynamic sizes.
- Connect your components with your Data Models.

• Navigate between screens
- Easily link your screens using any native iOS animation.
- Create Navigation Segues and Tab Bars with our simple editors.

• Live Preview on any device
- Preview your apps in Kodika's simulator or use Kodika's iPhone app to run your apps directly to your phone.

• Font and Color Styleguides
- Easy to use color-picker to find the best colors for your apps.
- Favorite your colors to create your projects' styleguide and reuse them everywhere.
- Favorite your font styles to create your projects' typefaces.

Learn how to code without a line of code with Kodika!
Email us on team@kodika.io

Privacy policy at https://kodika.io/privacy-policy
Terms of use at https://kodika.io/terms-and-conditions

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