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Launch - App Screenshot Creator

퍼블리셔: FBeasleySoftware
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앱 설명

Launch App is the easiest and fastest app screenshot deployment tool for making your iOS app screenshots look and say what you want them to.

Designed to make your apps on the Appstore look better and appeal more to your potential customers!
Choose either the black or white devices to best offset your UI!

Notice a lot of apps have callouts and titles on their screenshots? Now you can to!
Simple and effective, just drag in the screenshots from either iPhone or iPad, type in the text and export the images.

Just take the screenshots of your app on the 6+ or iPad pro and import to Launch, no need to take in multiple screen sizes across multiple devices, saves so much time!

Now supporting multiple themes across the app, this allows you to change to the one that looks best with your UI.

All the pain and suffering of having to find a template graphic and then exporting in the correct sizes has all been taken care of.
The images are exported in all the correct formats and sizes for quick and easy uploading,

Easily make sure that the iPhone and iPad screenshots are visually aligned by toggling between the iPhone images and the iPad.

‘This is an amazing app’ - DDT
‘Launch is a game changer, I want to create more apps just to use this!’ - Tom
‘So easy to visually see what you are creating, and to export in all the right sizes, worth twice the money!’ - Vitalijus

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