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Lessons for Xcode 7

퍼블리셔: Stephen Lindsay
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: 16.99 USD

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앱 설명


Tutorials for Xcode 7 using Swift 2.0 with source code projects!

Learn how to start making iOS 9 apps today for iPhone and iPad using Xcode 7! Lessons for Xcode 7 includes 30 how-to videos that teach you how to make your own apps from the ground up. Includes project source codes. Videos cover the basics of building apps with practical step-by-step examples. See the details you need to build your own successful apps you could submit to the app store.

NEW! Learn iOS 9 Specific features:
- Stack Views
- Safari Services
- 3D Touch
- All examples use the Swift programming language!

Lessons cover:

- Xcode 7 and the IDE
- Creating user interfaces on the Storyboard
- Building your own "hello world" app
- Adding subViews
- Basic animations
- Displaying images with ImageViews and UIImage
- presenting View Controllers
- UIWebView setup and loading
- Building your own web browser
- Displaying PDFs in your apps
- Alert Controllers
- Table View setup
- Displaying images and detail text in table view cells
- Create master-detail applications
- Accessing the Camera
- Accessing the photo roll
- Saving images
- Responding to touches
- Gesture Recognizers
- Picker Views
- Tabbar Applications
- Communication between views
- Playing movies from remote URLs
- Playing embedded movies
- Playing movies in Watch OS applications
- Error Handling
- Playing audio files
- Sharing text, images, and hyperlinks
- Using Mapkit
- NSDictionary and Mutable arrays
- Saving data in plist files
- 3D Touch
- Safari Services
- Stack Views
- Creating a Mac OS X status bar application
- Creating a Watchkit app

Includes project source code for export. Follow along with source code while you watch the videos.


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