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Lighting Bulb Manager

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앱 설명

Lighting Bulb Manager is a native macOS CAD application specialized to examine lighting sources spectral data.

With Lighting Bulb Manager you don’t need to be a specialist.
Import the souirce and in few seconds you’ll be able to prepare and export a professional and complete lighting report.


• Examine spectral data saved in XML according to IES TM-27-14 or CVS format.
• Graphics of spectra, CIE 1931, CIE 1960 and CIE 1976 colour space.
• Compare two lighting sources spectra and calculate their 'colour distance'.
• You can choose the best source to maximize the colour rendering on Your subjects.
• Is possible to copy and paste to other applications all graphics.
• You can obtain a printable report of your source and of Your sources comparison.


• Imports third part light sources IES TM-27-14 (American standards), CVS.
• Can export to PDF a complete report of the source and of the comparison.
• All graphics can be copied to be exported to other applications.
• Works in (x, y), (u, v) and (u', v') colour space.
• Calculate colour distance from the black body, equivalent colour temperature.
• We offer support via email if you have any kind of problems with our applications


• Lighting Bulb Manager is native CAD application since day 1 for macOS
• Full screen support
• Works well both in Light Mode and Dark Mode
• Optimized for macOS 10.14 Mojave (requires minimum macOS 10.10)
• Extended PDF User Guide inside with full description and tutorials

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