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앱 설명

MaCombo is a set of tools, which will help to optimize and facilitate your work with Mac and increase its speed. App includes 4 utilities: MaCleaner, MaCommander, MaCPU and MaCalendar.

► MaCleaner
Clean the system form junk files you don't need and improve your Mac working capacity. Choose the options you want to clean: Cache and Logs, Trash and Downloads, iPhoto, iTunes, Big Files.

► MaCommander
Manage your files, using two windows. Copy, Move, Delete, Rename, Archive and create New Folders - these multiple options are easily performed with hotkeys.

Get the detailed information about CPU usage in a colorful diagrams. Find out the percentage of processor usage by system and user, how active each core is and the top 5 CPU resource hogs.

► MaCalendar
Just a simple calendar for your Mac with customizable design. Also choose from the 3 modes available: status bar view, float mode and notification center widget.

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