Made Simple! Apple Numbers Edition

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Everyone has a use for a spreadsheet! They can save so much time and give so much help.

With Numbers for Mac, sophisticated spreadsheets are just the start. The whole sheet is your canvas. Just add dramatic interactive charts, tables and images that paint a revealing picture of your data. You can work seamlessly between Mac and iOS devices. And work effortlessly with people who use Microsoft Excel. Updated for OS X El Capitan, Numbers is now more powerful than ever.

There are literally hundreds of functions and skills to learn and this collection of OVER 200 TRAINING VIDEOS will soon get you up to speed.

Use this app as a “Video Referencing Library” where you can come back for a refresher lesson or search for how to do something new.

App features:
** Edit the video title, subtitle and keep your own set of user notes.
** Move the video around it's group and even change it's group.
** Make videos your favourites and give them your own rating
** Search by title or notes
** View by favourites or rating
** View by history the last ten played or visited videos

Lessons include:
Numbers 09 - Working with Excel Users
Numbers 09 - Use Tables Styles Colour Images and Fonts
Numbers 09 - Print in Numbers
Numbers 09 - Highlight values with Conditional Formatting
Numbers 09 - Hide Filter and Sort Table Cells
Numbers 09 - Group Rows into Categories
Numbers 09 - Format Data Values with the Format Bar
Numbers 09 - Getting Started
Numbers 09 - Create Formulas with Quick Formula
Numbers 09 - Create and Edit Charts
Numbers 09 101 Core Numbers 09 - 01 Intro
Numbers 09 101 Core Numbers 09 - 02 Starting Numbers and Adding Numbers to the Dock
Numbers 09 101 Core Numbers 09 - 03 Choosing a Template
Numbers 09 101 Core Numbers 09 - 04 Spreadsheet Basics
Numbers 09 101 Core Numbers 09 - 05 ShowHide the Toolbar
Editing Excel Files on an iPad Tech Yeah
Apple iPad Numbers Tutorial - how to use Numbers on ipad
Apples Numbers Some spreadsheet basics simple expense sheet
Hands On Apple - iWork - Numbers on Mavericks
Numbers for iPad Working with Rows and Columns in Spreadsheets on iPad
Intro to Numbers - 2013 aka Numbers 5
Numbers for iPad in 5 Minutes
Apple iPad Air - Numbers Pages Keynote iPhoto iMovie Garageband
Apple Numbers Getting Started
Numbers for iPhone and iPad review
Numbers Lesson 2-Part 2 Making a Pie Chart
Basic Graphs and Charts in Numbers iOS
Make a Pareto Chart using Apple Numbers
Creating Charts In Numbers 964
Tabellenkalkulation mit Numbers Tutorial Tipps in der Diagrammformatierung video2braincom
Numbers Lesson 2 Part 1 Bar Graphs
Crear tablas en Apple numbers
How to make a chart graph using Apple Numbers
Making Circle Graphs in Mac Numbers
Numbers 09 tutorial - 8 Create and Edit Charts 2009
Create a Gantt Chart in Numbers 09
Making a Line Graph With Mac Numbers
Making Simple Bar Graphs in Mac Numbers
Diagram i Numbers
Setting up a basic Gantt Chart in Numbers 09 part1
Numbers for iPad Adding Graphs and Charts to Spreadsheets on iPad
Graph Using Numbers App on iPad
Creating Charts in iWork 09 Numbers MacMost Now 460
Numbers Mac
How to graph data using Numbers
Numbers 35 - BasicsNaming Conventions
Office Tutorials - Copying Pasting and Formatting a Numbers Graph iWork Pages 09
Numbers tutorial - Charts And Printing
008 Apple iWork Numbers Create and edit charts
iPadagogy - App Review - Numbers Working with Charts Tutorial
Why Do My Excel Columns Have Numbers
Numbers bar pie charts
Creating a chart with numbers
How to Make Cool Graphs for the Variables Car Using Apple Numbers
Creating a chart or graph on Mac
Numbers 09 - Getting Started Interface
Numbers 09 - Getting Started Customize
Numbers 09 - Spreadsheets Understanding Sheets
Numbers 09 Tables - Cells and Borders Pt 1
Numbers 09 Tables - Cells and Borders Pt 2
Numbers 09 - Spreadsheets Advanced Sheets
Adding Up Amounts In iWork Numbers Macmost Now 475
Using Spreadsheet Formulas in iWork Numbers MacMost Now 255
Using Multiple Tables In iWork Numbers MacMost Now 258
and more.

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