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퍼블리셔: Chronos Inc.
가격: 1.99 USD

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We all enjoy looking at maps of the world, famous locations, and even our hometowns. Now, for the first time, you can put a map directly on your desktop.


MapZap brings your desktop to life with the places and people you enjoy. Simply drag photos of friends and family onto your map to associate your favorite people with your favorite places. Place the photos at your favorite hangout spots, where they live, or where you want to travel with them. Other notable features include:

• Built-in Photos, Aperture, Photo Booth, & folder browsers
• Built-in photo cropping tools (rectangle, rounded rectangle, & circle crops)
• Add an optional one-click border to photos


MapZap includes some powerful features to help you put the perfect map on your desktop:

• Search for locations by name anywhere in the world, e.g. type "Paris, France"
• Use your mouse or trackpad to pan and zoom your map
• Show a route between two different locations
• Show optional location pins
• Show optional points of interest (museums, stores, etc.)


Use a satellite map when you want to enjoy the topography and details of the land and ocean. You can optionally choose to include roads, cities, and landmarks on satellite maps.


MapZap lets you put a 3D earth map on your desktop. You can rotate the earth to whatever position you desire.


MapZap lets you find your own birdseye view of famous landmarks and then put them on your desktop. Explore over 200 cities throughout the world that feature 3D Flyover for your favorite landmarks.


Put a different map on each screen if you have multiple screens attached to your computer.


If you like MapZap, please take a moment to write a nice review. MapZap is built by a small dedicated team, so reviews make a big difference!

If you have any problems or questions, please contact We don't have a way to respond to issues raised in reviews on the Mac App Store, so we'll do our best to resolve your concern as quickly as possible when you contact us directly.

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