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앱 설명

Touch typing is a good skill that ALLOWs to:
- SAVE time when typing texts of various difficulty;
- REDUCE switching of attention;
- INCREASE efficiency at work.

Besides, touch typing is one of the easiest skills to learn.
You can prove it for yourself. Just try our TOUCH TYPING tutor Master of Typing!
Learn to type using all your 10 FINGERS without watching the keyboard.

1. A Quick Test at the beginning
Check your current typing skills

2. 3 Levels of Difficulty:
Select lessons according to your skills

3. Smart Statistics:
Keep track of your speed & accuracy results (best, average) and the keys you often miss while typing.

4. Colored Keyboard's Scheme
Memorize finger positions on QWERTY keyboard

5. 2 Themes
Light and Dark

6. Swipe and Hotkeys
Quickly switching between windows.

+ All levels and sub-levels unlocked
+ Extra level with Sentences
+ No advertising!

For more information, please contact us:

Your suggestions and wishes are always greatly appreciated!

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