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앱 설명

Stream for Vimeo is the ultimate Mac app for Vimeo, best of it’s kind. It’s equipped with 3 distinctive modes and numerous amazing features to give you the best experience of viewing movie trailers, music videos, playlist, and more in a standalone app designed just for Vimeo.

- Instantly access Vimeo from desktop.
- Run directly from menu bar.
- Use Vimeo and watch videos on your Mac without opening web browsers.
- Launch the app at login.
- 3 modes for your preferences: Widget Mode, Mini Mode, and Desktop Mode.
- Watch, comment & upload videos.
- Show/hide the app’s Dock icon.
- Pin the app’s window on the very top.
- App background color & transparency customization.
- Window activation with custom shortcut.
- Resizable window.
- Fullscreen support.

In the Pro version, you also will get:
- The ability to auto pause video playback when window becomes hidden.
- The ability to auto resume video playback when window becomes active.
- Zoom video thumbnail when mouse hover.
- Other small features and improvements.

In Stream for Vimeo, you’re about to get the best Vimeo video viewing experience possible with one simple click in the menu bar!

Technical Support:
If you need technical support for this app, please email us and we will get back to you in hours. The email address is .

Legal Note: Stream for Vimeo is a 3rd party app and it’s not built by or associated with Vimeo. Vimeo and its logos are the trademarks of Vimeo, Inc.

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