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앱 설명

MetroKit, is an advanced metronome, with lots of new and extra features.
It is quite versatile, having 4 different beat types (downbeat, accent, basic and muted), with independently controlled level on each type,
as well as 3 play modes, Simple, Trainer and Track mode.

=== Simple Mode ===
Just set a tempo, time signature and practice over it.
You can also set a bar limit, that stops MetroKit when it is reached, in order to practice over specific time.

=== Trainer Mode ===
- Speed -
Practice your speed and rhythm.
Set a starting tempo and a goal tempo, and the increase (or decrease) steps.

- Rhythm -
MetroKit includes a Rhythm Trainer, that mutes it after a specific number of bars for a user set number of bars e.g. hearing 3 bars and mute 1.
Train your rhythm stability and perception.

The trainers can work together for more difficult rhythm and speed practicing.

=== Track Mode ===
To fully customize your practice, MetroKit introduces a "Track" mode.
There, you can add sessions to you overall practice that each one
start after the other.
For example:
1. Start with a warm up session of a low 90 BPM and simple 4/4 rhythm for 64 bars,
2. Continue with a speed training session to advance the tempo e.g. advance 5 BPM every 4 bars until it reaches 140.
3. Add a rhythm training for 32 bars.
4. Rest for 16 bars at a low tempo practice.
5. etc...

Each session can be a "simple mode" session or a "trainer mode" session.

=== Extra Features ===

MetroKit includes a woodblock/bell sound and a pitched sound to select from.
Also, the user can load their own favorite custom audio sample.

The tempo ranges from a very low 30 BPM to a very fast 480 and can be based on other note duration than Quarters.

Time signature can be from 1/1, 2/1, 2/2 etc... up to 32 / 32nds with a lot of variations (9/8, 11/16, 7/4 etc...).

Every beat can have up to 9 subdivisions allowing very complex rhythms.
Every beat's subdivisions are independent, meaning on a 4/4 rhythm, the first beat can have 4 subdivisions (16ths) the second one 5 subdivisions, the third 1(just a quarter note) and so on.
The first subdivision of the first beat can be set as the downbeat (having different sound and independable level) to help you keep steady at even the more complex and difficult rhythms.

Export and Import group of presets to share them.

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