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앱 설명

MoneyStudio is a home finance management application. It allows one to control their home budget and increase savings efficiency. We hope that the modern interface and ease of use will provide even more motivation to store and control your expenses. Try out the application for free today!

« Transactions »

Thanks to MoneyStudio, you can add your bills as you go. To simplify finance management, the software allows the assignment of transactions to accounts and categories. In addition, you can enter the payment form, location or the person to actually pay the bill. The added invoices can have their own schedule that is freely configurable. Transactions may be moved between accounts.

« Transaction browsing »

Transactions may be browsed in many ways. Sorting as well as categorisation is available. The provided filters include transaction type, transaction condition, category or budget. The transaction list can be truncated to show only a particular payment form or person.

« Task and past due transaction monitor »

Besides the addition of transactions, MoneyStydio allows the user to add tasks. Tasks can be assigned priority levels and flags. One can also attach or bind transactions or integrate it with the system calendar. All transactions and tasks are monitored, thanks to which it is simple to check whether anything is past its due date.

« Calendar »

The calendar mode was prepared so as to simplify day-to-day transaction checking. Budgets and the level of execution in a particular month are also displayed. One change the transaction display mode through sorting and categorisation. There exist thus even better options of browsing expenses and income.

« Statistics »

Three types of graphs have been provided. Each of them may be freely configured to show the required information. Statistics may be adapted to each parameter that was included, beginning with categories, ending with transaction types.

« Tag editing »

Each introduced parameter, such as the account, category, budget, payment, location or person may be edited in a simple manner, with its icon or marked colour changed. The configuration will also change in all the assigned transactions. One can also add or remove parameters manually, assign a budget (with or without limit, with annual limit, with monthly limit), and change the initial account balance.

« Transaction searching »

In order to simplify the transaction browsing process even more, the programme was provided with a search system. The search engine checks the words added to transaction descriptions, as well as categories, tags and values. The values of the found transactions are added together, it is also possible to edit them.

« Importing and exporting »

To simplify transaction management, import and export to the internal MSF format is provided. Thanks to this, one can transfer their data and create security backup copies. One can also export data to the universal CSV format or generate summaries in TXT, HTML or PDF files. The software also allows downloading transaction data from CSV, OFX and QIF files. Most banks provide transaction summaries in these formats. The imported transactions can be edited before they are finally saved. One can also select individual transactions for transfer to MoneyStudio.

« Synchronisation and mobile version »

Work on transactions and tasks across various devices is ensured through iCloud. The MoneyStudio software is available for the Mac and iPad.

« MoneyStudio Premium »

The free version allows one to add 40 transactions. Everyone can thus check the functionality of the software without having to pay any fee. If you like the software, we encourage you to buy the full premium version through the “In-App Purchase” scheme.

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