Moto Racer 15th Anniversary

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The reference motorcycling game is back!

Celebrate Moto Racer’s 15th anniversary and discover the best circuits of the series in high definition with competitors fiercest than ever!


MOTO GP – Open out the throttles and race at more than 300 km / h (180 miles per hour) against your opponents.
SUPER CROSS - Race in dirt tracks and tease your opponents by realizing your best tricks while overtaking them.
FREESTYLE - Showcase your talents by performing the most incredible aerial tricks (Superman, Indy, Cancan ...)


CHAMPIONSHIP - Win the first place in 3 difficulty modes.
SINGLE RACE – Challenge the racing drivers at any time in a single race.
TIME ATTACK - Establish the best records


- 2 types of controls (Gyroscopic, Touch controls)
- 4 Cameras (Near, Far, gyroscopic camera, Cockpit)
- 3 levels of difficulty (Beginner, Expert, Confirmed)
- 3 game modes: Championship, Single Race, Time Trial (+ Records in freestyle mode)
- Automatic speed available
- Graphics Settings

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