Tab for MyJDownloader

퍼블리셔: Julian Donart
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: 2.99 USD

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앱 설명

Tab for MyJDownloader is a very useful tool that allows you to receive notifications and to solve captchas from your JDownloaders. This means that among other things, you no longer need to use browser extensions to solve Recaptchas.

An overview of the most important features:

• Check the JDownloader's status, progress, ETA and speed.

• Solve and skip a wide selection of captchas. The following types are currently supported: Basic-Captcha, Media-Captcha, Click-Captcha, Recaptcha (v2)

• Display and answer dialogs of common types.

• Receive notifications on dialogs, captchas, JDownloader state changes, started and completed downloads.

• Detect and trigger software updates of your remote JDownloaders.

• App starts and quits automatically with a local JDownloader2.

The app uses the official MyJDownloader API that is also used by the MyJDownloader web platform. A MyJDownloader account and at least one linked JDownloader is required to use the app.

Note: This app is for pure remote access to the JDownloader download manager. No media contents can be downloaded, stored or played. On request, additional functions can be implemented, just contact us and send us an email.

This app is not an official product of the company AppWork GmbH.

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