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Network Scanner: WiFi security

퍼블리셔: Trend Micro Incorporated
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앱 설명

Do you know who is connected to your home Wi-Fi network?
Do you know if your home network and connected devices are safe from hacking and malware?
Do you know what to do if your network or devices are at risk of attack?

Trend Micro HouseCall Home Network Scanner can help you answer these questions. Scan to detect devices on the home network, and check them for security risks.
(Download Trend Micro HouseCall for Home Networks to scan computers and other devices.)

-Intelligent network scanning technology
-Shows devices connected to your home network
-Finds vulnerabilities in your connected devices
-Offers helpful advice for keeping your network and devices secure

After using Trend Micro HouseCall Home Network Scanner, get Trend Micro Home Network Security to protect your network and connected devices:

-Monitor and protect devices connected to your network
-Set Time Limits for apps and websites, as well as individual filter levels for family members using the Parental Control features

See Trend Micro Home Network Security in action:

Trend Micro Home Network Security is now available in Japan, Australia and New Zealand, available soon in the United States.

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