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New Edge

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앱 설명

REQUIREMENTS: New Edge for macOS is used with an active enterprise subscription to the New Edge Service. Please contact your organization’s IT department and ask them if they are using New Edge to secure enterprise applications and data.


New Edge helps enterprises secure access from native and browser apps on Macs to SaaS, public cloud, and datacenter applications. New Edge provides a management console for policies, visibility, and access analytics, to give the enterprise comprehensive governance over access to its apps and data.

New Edge makes it easy for enterprises to help their employees securely access enterprise applications in public clouds like AWS. Purpose-built for remote and mobile access to cloud applications; New Edge is application access as a service: simple to setup, easy to use, and secure.

New Edge is simple for end users: Just install the app, enter your email address, and click on a link. Your business apps on your Mac can now access your business services.

New Edge is simple for IT: Register for the New Edge service, enter a token in the New Edge Publisher on the AWS Marketplace and install the Publisher in your AWS VPC. New Edge requires no network configuration and no Firewall changes. New Edge’s policy console manages access to applications, not to your network. And New Edge comes with an integrated Certificate Authority, so strong authentication is simple and transparent.

New Edge is Secure: New Edge’s application publishing service enforces the security paradigm of authenticating before connecting, so only authorized users from compliant devices can access enterprise applications. New Edge’s Service Publishing makes apps available to authorized users and devices, instead of a VPN that gives full network access or a web proxy that exposes apps to the internet.

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