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Ninja Puzzle

가격: 1.99 USD

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앱 설명

★Ninja Puzzle got Runner Up TICT Award 2011

★ was featured in "New and Noteworthy", "What's Hot" and " Staff Favorites" Section of the Overall and Game Category in US Mac App Store
★ was in Top Paid 5 Puzzle Game Category in US Mac App Store
★ was in Top Paid 10 Action Game Category in US Mac App Store
★ was in Top Paid 15 Game Category in US Mac App Store

Ninja Puzzle is an puzzle/action game in which you have to help lead Hunzo in his quest to master the greatest ninja technique in the land by defeating the demons that guard the scroll. He must use his wits and ability to beat over 50 levels of stages of demon invested puzzle themed stages.
Key Features:
- Control Hunzo, the confident ninja in this new Puzzle-Action game!
- Slash matching block colors to start incredible combos and gain weapons to fight the demon horde!
- Defeat the demons and shaman demons who will do everything to prevent you from getting the ultimate scroll!
- Acquire great magic to aid you in your quest!
- 48 unique levels in 5 different themes!
- Play the survival mode to see how long you can survive against the onslaught of demons!
- Challenge yourself and players worldwide to see who is the best player with the online ranking system!


If you have any questions about the game or its compatibility with you, please get in touch with us(Ninja Puzzle Support) and we'll help you out!

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