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앱 설명

The most powerful and simple App to call from Mac. Empowering businesses around the world and inexpensive than your landlines. Connect fast and communicate clearly.

With nomado making phone calls on your Mac is easier.

Who would have thought your Mac can be a powerful tool for communications?

Nomado is the easiest and user friendly app that will let you make calls from a Mac which integrates with your phone’s existing contacts.

Find – click – call, it’s easy as that.

Very simple to use, yet with advance features like no ordinary phone. From simple call transfer to conference call and other advance nomado PBX features you are definitely having PBX machine telephone on your computer.

With 25+ enhanced phone call management features, you can easily make use of the nomado dialer for personal or business use. Tackle daily problems & manage all communication at a glance from your Mac.

- address book contacts autocomplete
- multiple accounts
- control call sounds
- Mute
- Hold
- Transfer
- Conference
- Call waiting
- Simultaneous Ring
- Free calls to another Nomado Account
- Affordable rates for global international phone calls

Just get a Nomado Telecom account (or if you already have one, simply login) and you will be reached to sync the account.

New horizons of amazing phone call management will be open to you… all from the device we all love – The Mac.

Download nomado & conveniently make iMac phone calls anytime you want!

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