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앱 설명

Advanced digital security for your business. Encrypt data traffic and protect it from hackers with a fast and secure business VPN. Remotely access your company resources on your mobile, wherever you are. Safely connect to public Wi-Fi in hotels, airports, or conferences.

• Safe connection on your Mac at all times
It only takes one click to connect to a secure business VPN server. NordVPN Teams encrypts all your data traffic so that your sensitive information is protected from criminals.

• Military-grade security for every company branch
Ensure that each branch of your organization is protected, no matter where it’s located. Whether it’s New York, Paris, or London, every office network will be secured with the type of encryption that government agencies use to protect top secret information.

• Remote access to corporate resources from any location
Whether you’re traveling abroad, or working remotely from home, ensure that you can access all data, online tools, and other work resources securely. NordVPN Teams enables you to reach all the information you need safely and quickly.

• Get dedicated servers
Utilize high-speed business servers that only your company can use. Pick the location where you want to be virtually based, and your organization will get assigned a static IP address.

• Manage team permissions
Control sensitive data access by whitelisting specific IPs. This allows you to manage which branches, departments, and coworkers can reach certain data.

Other features:
- Explore region-specific content
- Access geo-restricted apps
- Monitor geo-targeted marketing campaigns
- Comply with data protection regulations when traveling
- Safe access to Office 365 and other SaaS solutions

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