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OLM Converter Ultimate - AppEd

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The OLM Converter Ultimate : The ULTIMATE “MUST HAVE” Outlook Mac 2011 Mail Conversion and Migration Tool Mac Users Love

Use the Ultimate Outlook Mac 2011/2016/Office 365 Mail conversion and migration software, The OLM Converter Ultimate , to move your items from Outlook Mac 2011 to other email applications such as: Apple Mail, Address Book, iCal, Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Entourage and also Postbox.You’re not reading about just any conversion tool, today you are reading about an App that has been developed to prove professionalism, top notch performance, quality and accuracy.

The OLM Converter Ultimate has its UNIQUE features, which means that it’s taking everything to literally a whole different level, through its features and professional specifications, which make it a “MUST HAVE” tool. Let’s cut to the chase, shall we? And share with you everything that the OLM Converter Ultimate has been programmed to achieve, being all together the type of software which is always on “AWESOME” mode.

The OLM Converter Ultimate Edition features:

- Converts basic OLM files as well as Outlook Mac Mail Database to the EML and MBOX format, full disclosure: the OLM Converter Ultimate preserves every file and items accuracy when processing them, converting or moving them from one email application to another.

- Exports every: EMAIL, life time CONTACTS and CALENDAR events from Outlook Mac 2011 to either of the email applications which follow: Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Entourage Archive 2004/2008 and also Postbox.

- 100% Support and Recognition for UNICODE CONTENT, which is also a great plus, knowing that the OLM Converter Ultimate can process every INTERNATIONAL language, which definitely includes double ­byte languages such as Chinese and Japanese.

- All Email Attachments are Protected, whether you need to convert large in size attachments or rich in text attachments, it doesn’t matter, the OLM Converter Ultimate converts, migrates and definitely protects your personal information, always.

- Converts OLM Address Books to a standard format, such as vCard. With this basic conversion you can successfully export all your contacts from Outlook Mac to Microsoft Entourage Archive 2004/2008. Contact photos are preserved and finish everything in record time by processing more than 50 items in one go, with the OLM Converter Ultimate!

- Exports Calendar Events to standard iCal format, a feature which allows you to later import these items directly into Apple iCal and also Microsoft Entourage.


- Only App that supports Direct from Outlook Mail Database Conversion / You no longer need to export an OLM Archive for Conversion.

- Easy to Use, very explicit, very accessible

- For ADVANCE USERS, the OLM Converter Ultimate can be switched to CUSTOM MODE when converting items from Outlook Mac to Apple Mail, Thunderbird etc.

- Used and recommended by Professionals .

- Supports Converting Heavy files 50GB and more of data.

- Superior Support Team 24/7 for all clients.

- Free Updates for LIFE, for the purchased software

Supported Conversion Formats:

OLM Converter Ultimate Makes it Super Easy for you to Convert Outlook Mac 2011 to Apple Mail, Outlook Mac 2011 Database to Apple Mail, Outlook Mac 2011 Mail Identity to Apple Mail, OLM file to Apple Mail, OLM to MBOX , OLM to EML , OLM to VCF , OLM to ICS , OLM to Thunderbird , OLM to Postbox Mail format or any other software application which supports import from these formats on variety of platforms with an Easy to use Wizard interface. That helps you save time and opens the possibilities of portability to move to Multiple Email Client Application

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