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OLM To PST Converter Pro - AppEd

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앱 설명

OLM to PST Converter Pro: Easily converts OLM (Outlook:mac 2011 archive export) files to PST files.

There is no direct and simple option to convert Outlook for Mac 2011 .olm files to Outlook Windows compatible .pst file format. OLM to PST Converter Pro is a professional conversion tool developed by team of experienced programmers who have carried out professional email migrations. That’s why we came up with an effective and easy to use Outlook Mac 2011 to Outlook Windows PST file converter tool for the novice and professionals alike. This makes the mail migration for you a breeze and converts Outlook Mac 2011 olm files to PST in a matter of seconds in few simple clicks.

Outlook:mac 2011 saves its data (including emails, contacts, calendars account info etc.) to confidential database. The program doesn’t grant the full access to it, but lets users export mail, calendar and contacts data into a portable file with .OLM extension.

Meanwhile, this file is an archive which contains all your personal information above mentioned. Whereas the Windows version of MS Outlook uses *.pst format for store and access this mail, calendar, contacts data.

OLM to PST Converter Pro app helps you to transfer your emails, contacts and calendar from Outlook Mac 2011 to Outlook Windows PST in the most simplistic approach. On top of all that this lets you save your precious productive time instead of trying to figure out how to go about migrating data from Outlook Mac to Outlook windows. With OLM to PST converter Pro, you will be done with the entire process while you sip and finish a nice cup of Hot coffee.

Unique and Salient features of OLM to PST Converter Pro:

1) Only OLM to PST Converter App worldwide which directly works on Mac. You don’t need access to Microsoft Windows and Outlook based PC to convert your data to pst file.
2) Converts OLM file to PST (emails, contacts and calendar items). The Original Folder hierarchical structure of Outlook Mac folders is preserved.
3) Preserves all your message attachments. Moreover, OLM to PST converter gives a special treatment to all nested messages.
4) No more worries as OLM to PST Converter Pro is 100% compatible with all non-English content including Chinese, Japanese and any other double-byte characters mail and calendar content.
5) Converts all events from OLM calendar to MS Outlook Windows calendar folder. It can also merge several address book folders into one single folder. The software is 100% compatible for processing Unicode content. It takes into account about 60 address book fields to prevent any data loss during conversion.
6) Converts all addresses from the OLM file to MS Outlook dedicated folder. It can also merge several address book folders into one single Contacts folder.
7) It can easily handle and process large number of files with an *.olm extension situated at different locations and allows you to merge them to a large single pst file or one pst file for each olm on your choice. It’s a very useful feature in a situation where you have to convert many OLM files from different users and do it in one go.
8) Automatically splits exported PST files for optimal working of Outlook Windows.
9) Its very easy to use: it works fast, effective and without a hitch. A perfect solution for people who value their time!

[Note: We also have "OLM To PST Converter Ultimate" available on App store which lets you process direct in express mode with no need for any olm files as it can directly read Outlook:mac 2011 native database and convert it to pst file. It is recommended in case you want to avoid exporting olm files first before going for the conversion]

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