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앱 설명

• Games only with real opponents worldwide
• Free, without advertisement
• Chat, friends, gifts and achievements
• Online games and tournaments:
- Texas Hold'em Poker
- Omaha, Stud and Draw Poker
- Backgammon (Tawla, Narde)
- Backgammon Long
- Dominoes
- Dominoes Goat and Donkey
- Chess
- Bridge
- Checkers, Suicide Checkers, Corners
- Preference and Preference Blitz
- Durak Throw-In, Passing, Pile-up
- Durak 2x2 Throw-In, 2x2 Passing
- Burkozel and Bura
- Thousand and Thousand Blitz
- Sevens (Crazy Sevens)
- Debertz and Clabber
- Joker
- Russian Billiard
- Snooker, Nine Ball, Eight Ball
- Chapaev, Dots, Reversi, Go, Renju
- Sea Fight and Gomoku
- Solitaire, Mahjong, Lines

... and many others - more than 100 board, card and puzzle games.


• For first purchase
• Discounts and bonuses for next deposits


Always wanted to play with real people?
Congratulations! You've found the right app.
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Lots of card and board games in 1 app:
Backgammon, Dominoes, Poker, Durak and more!
Play with 10+ million people, without ads.
Chat, meet, make gifts and earn awards.

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• Free points every hour and every day
• Advanced system of achievements
• Ratings and user tops
• Private tables with password
• Low prices for additional points
• Quick game mode
• Simple one-touch authorisation
- Social networks,
- LiveGames account or
- Guest mode
• Detailed rules of each game
• 3 kinds of chat in the game
• Active support service
• Actions and promotions from project Administration

You should familiarize with project rules before playing
More than 10 000 000 people already play on, join us!

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