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OS Antivirus 360 - Adware, Malware & Virus remover

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가격: 9.99 USD

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앱 설명

OS Antivirus 360 is the best anti-virus to keep your Mac away from virus, phishing attacks, spyware,adware, malware, and all kinds of online threats while feeling safe about your personal data.

OS Antivirus 360 provides users with multi-engine scanners. (Fully compatible for macOS 10.12 Sierra)

1. Anti-Virus Protection (Virus Scan mode: Full Scan, Custom Scan,Fast Scan)
Full Scan will check every critical location for potential threats.

Fast Scan will quickly and efficiently scan the most critical locations of your Mac. Our proprietary algorithm makes this a painless and quick process, allowing you to conveniently scan your Mac more frequently. For maximum protection.

Custom Scan will scan the files and folders you choose.

24/7 Real-Time Protection - Analyses any file the system accesses.(Such as:When you download or add files to your Mac, OS Antivirus 360 will automatically detect. If the files are viruses, OS Antivirus 360 will prompt you to delete.)

Service Support: Right click on files and folders,click the “Service” menu, select “Scan Virus with OS Antivirus 360”.

Keep hackers away from your mac, Keep your Mac safe.

2. Adware Protection
OS Antivirus 360 detect and remove all current adware and malware for the Mac and will be updated to support new malware and adware as they come out.

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