PDF Creator Pro - Make Publisher from Texts, Images & Tables

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앱 설명

The easiest way to create PDF files from images, plain text and PDF, including jpg, png, bmp, gif etc.You can merge multiple files into one single PDF file, modify the meta data of the output documents, set page size or page margins as you wish, compress output PDF file size, or even encrypt PDF files with open password and restrictions.

PDF Creator Standard is for those who want to create, split, merge, sign and scan PDFs.

●●●●● KEY FEATURES ●●●●●

+++ Cut, Copy and Paste +++
Deal with content. You can use cut, copy and paste actions, these can be used for text, table, shape and so on.

+++ Rich Formatted Table +++
Add and edit table. You can insert any rows or columns table, change cell size, format cell text and insert hyperlink for cell.

+++ Formatted Text +++
Create content for PDF. You can format the text and insert hyperlink. Supports text boxes, photo, photo grids, outlines, shapes, lines and arrows

+++ Image Effect +++
Insert image with many kinds of PDF. There are 10+ kinds of image effect, and support redo/undo actions.

+++ Paperless Workflow +++
Reduce the amount of paper in your office. Scan documents directly into PDF editor, support all scanners by OS X supported.

+++ Exchange Page +++
You can rearrange PDF pages freely. Advanced page management interface

- Auto-page numbering
- Shared headers and footers

+++ Sign PDF +++
No more printing! You can add your signature to a PDF contract and email it back.

+++ Preview and Print +++
Real-time preview your editing, until you are satisfied.

+++ Document Permissions +++
If you worry about the security, why not set a password for you PDF? You can add open password, or even printing and copying restrictions. So no one can get access to your document without permissions.

+++ Easy to Use +++
In built-in editor, you can drag and drop table, text box to move, and double click to edit them. You also can edit multiple PDF files simultaneously. With full suite of annotation objects, easy to use alignment and layout tools

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