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PDF to Excel Converter

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앱 설명

*****This wonderful PDF to Excel Converter is very helpful for you to Convert PDF to Excel. Hassle-Free to Convert PDF Tables to Excel Spreadsheets!

How to make read-only PDF tables editable so that you can calculate and re-organize the data? Converting PDF to well-formatted Microsoft Excel Worksheet with PDF to Excel Converter is an ideal way.

- Converting PDF to well-formatted Excel can be as easy as 123.
- Fully support batch, partial and even shortcut conversion modes.
- Customize the converted Excel spreadsheet as you like.

*****Why Choose PDF to Excel Converter?

PDF to Excel Converter is regarded as a practical conversion tool to help those who need to convert PDF files to Microsoft Excel (.xlsx). With the accurate PDF to Excel conservation, there's no need to retype or reformat the converted spreadsheets, and you can fix the mistakes, perform calculations, re-organize the sheets and alter information in the output Excel spreadsheets. Editing PDF tables gets so easy after converting PDF to Excel!

*****Recover PDF Tables for Further Editing

* PDF to Excel Converter is a must for users who need to convert PDF tables to editable Excel worksheets so that you can take out all the original text, numbers and sets to Excel spreadsheets and then you can edit, calculate and re-organize the included data in Microsoft Excel worksheet.

* There are two output choices for your reference: one is converting PDF to Excel with data formatting and the other is not. Just choose the one according to your own needs.

* Convert PDF files in only 3 simple steps, and support drag-and-drop operation to ease your conversion task.

*****Miscellaneous Conversion Modes for Your Choice

PDF to Excel Converter provides you with 3 different conversion modes:

* Batch conversion mode: You can convert up to 200 PDF tables to Excel format simultaneously to save your time.

* Partial conversion mode: Convert selected pages or page ranges from a PDF file to an Excel spreadsheet. Each page is a separate worksheet in the Excel spreadsheet.

* Right-click conversion mode: The shortcut conversion mode is specially designed to make your conversion convenient.

*****Perform Accurate Conversion with Zero Quality Loss

* The program does an admirable job of retaining the original layout and graphics. It will perfectly preserve the original PDF text, columns, tables, and charts in the output Excel spreadsheets.

* All Adobe PDF 1.0—1.7 formats can be recognized by this converter and it support to export common and standard Excel worksheets that can be opened and edited in Microsoft Office Excel 2003, Excel 2007 or Excel 2010, etc

*****Convert PDF to Excel and Complete the Conversion Decidedly

* PDF to Excel Converter is totally standalone. It can finish the conversion independently without any third-party software like Adobe Reader or Acrobat installed.

* This tool is 100% clean, so that you can get and install it on your computer without any doubt.

*****PDF is a great format to store and share. However, if you need to edit the data in the table, such as fix some errors or change the specific number, PDF tables are hard to edit. PDF to Excel Converter is an app to solve the problems. It is specially designed for Mac users. It can convert PDF tables into accurate Excel spreadsheets on Mac OS X. Editing, re-organizing and calculating data in PDF tables are as easy as breeze after converting PDF to Excel. Just within several simple clicks, you can convert read-only PDF tables to fully editable Excel spreadsheets on Mac. Get the great PDF to Excel Converter now.

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