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앱 설명

Seamlessly Convert PDF to Editable Excel!

Why choose iSkysoft PDF to Excel Pro?
iSkysoft PDF to Excel Pro can convert PDF files to fully editable Excel spreadsheets quickly and efficiently with the original numbers, text, and layout greatly preserved. After the conversion, you can reuse PDF table in Microsoft Excel. It is a must tool for people who always need to collect and analyze data. The app can save much time.

Key Features:

1.High Preservation and Compatibility
√Retain value without formatting (default option) allows you to preserve original text, numbers and layout, but not the formatting, such as color and table border.
√Retain original formatting of forms preserves the original formatting for the PDF tables.
√Support exporting PDF tables to Microsoft Office Excel 2008/2011.

2.Batch and Partial Conversion
√ Batch conversion saves your time by allowing you to import multiple PDF files at one time.
√ Partial conversion enables you to flexibly select the specific pages or a range of pages.

3.Fast, Easy and Efficient
√Quickly convert PDF files to Excel.
√Only in 3 steps, you can successfully convert PDF to Excel.
√Support drag-and-drop operation. You can add, remove, or change the order for conversion by dragging and dropping.

4.Convert Encrypted PDF Files
√For PDF files that are protected from copying, editing and printing by Owner Password, iSkysoft PDF to Excel Pro can convert them to Excel directly.
√For PDF files that are protected from opening by Open Password, you need to enter the right password to convert them.

*****Support OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion

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