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앱 설명

##Special price this weekend! Get the app while it's fresh! ##! allows you to create perspective 3D views of your app or website layouts, graphic designs or photos.

* Import your images (JPG, PNG) into different layers
* Full control - move and arrange the layers in 3D
* Set distance and height of the 3D layers
* Move the camera around your scene
* Save and re-use scenes
* Export as PNG with background color or transparency

Properties of the scene
- Camera position
- Camera - Look at point
- Distance between layers (Z-margin)
- Height of layers
- Shadows on/off
- Shadow intensity
- Shadow smoothness
- Show/hide floor plane
- Set background color
- Transparent background

Properties of 3D Layer
- Position in X, Y, Z
- Scale image

Export snapshot as PNG up to 4096x4096 pixel

Get more information and video tutorials on our website!

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