Phonepad - Call any number from your Mac

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앱 설명

If you’re the kind of person who leaves your iPhone in a pocket or purse placed inconveniently across the room, you’ll appreciate the ability to make outgoing call with your Mac.

Thanks to the new features of iOS 8.1 and Yosemite, you can initiate calls from your Mac to other persons. The call will look like it's coming from your iPhone, but you'll be chattering away with your Mac's built-in microphone and speakers.

PhonePad is a super simple to use app to make phone calls without picking up your iPhone, right from OSX Yosemite (and above).

Note: for this to work you have to configure both your Mac and iPhone to use Facetime. For more informations you can use the Help book inside the app.

Supported devices: iPhone 4S, iPhone5, iPhone 5S, iPhone6, iPhone6 Plus
Supported Mac: All devices with compatible Bluetooth 4.0 LE


- Dial right from your Keyboard
- Super simple and easy to use Today Widget
- Retina ready
- Vibrant dark appearance

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