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앱 설명

Compress photos and reduce them to size of your choice.You could either use Lossless method, Lossy method or just set what size you want.For example, if there is a photo of size 2 MB, you could set the size to be 500 KB or 1 MB and the application will reduce the photo to the specified size.

The application supports both PNG and JPG images.

Below are the details of the compression methods :

a) Lossless - When you select the lossless method, the photos will be compressed to the minimum size possible without any loss in their quality.
b) Lossy - The lossy method provides a slider between 1 to 100 to adjust the quality. For example : If you want to reduce the quality of a photo to 50% of its original quality, just set the slide to 50.The application will compress the photo by reducing its quality by 50%.
c) Set to Specific size : This option will set the size of image as per your choice.For example : If there is an image of size 1 MB and you want to set its size to 500kb. In this case, just specify the size to 500. The application will compress the photo to 500KB in size.

Various compression algorithms like Ziv-Lempel algorithm ,Huffman algorithm and Median Cut quantization algorithm are used by the application to achieve optimal compression. The photos are added into the application with the thumbnails which give better visibility. Once the photos are added, multiple combinations of lossless and lossy compressions could be applied to get a better photo with reduced size.The app could also compress multiple photos at once.
Photo compression could be very useful in below ways :
a) Many time photos could not be sent over email because they exceed the maximum size allowed for an email.In such circumstances, this app can reduce their size while maintaining the quality. This will allow to send more images in an email.
b) Many websites have size restrictions on the Photo Sizes that are uploaded. For example : while uploading the profile pictures, the websites limit the size of photos that could be uploaded.The application could be useful in such scenarios to reduce the size of the image.
c) Storing more images on a USB storage or phone.
d) Saving disk space and cloud storage space.

Features of the app :

-- Add entire folder at once or multiple photos selectively and compress all photos.
-- Original files are not altered.Compressed images are stored at a separate location which is selected by the user.
-- Lossless and Lossy both methods of compressions are supported.
-- In lossy method, the quality of image could be selected between 1 to 100.
-- Once images are added to the app, multiple trials could be done to get the best photo at a reasonable size.
-- A new feature of defining an exact size has been added.Using this feature, one could specify that what is the exact size he is expecting from the photos after compression.
- Drag & Drop feature - Using this feature, the photos could directly be dragged & dropped into the application.
-- Random images could be selected and compressed.
-- Easy to use user interface.

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