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앱 설명

PhotoDesk is an app that you are going to love, decorate your desktop with simple and clean UI. It allows you to keep your favourite pics on the wall with 100 refreshing theme layouts.
It helps you to decorate your wall, screensaver and much more with the PhotoDesk app.

Key Features:
- Easy to use
- Choose themes from 100 theme layout
- Drag multiple images on frames to set images
- Click on image icon to browse images
- Right click on an image to edit and add effects or delete the image
- Double click on an image to preview
- Set or manage border color of frames
- set or manage fill color of frames
- set or manage desktop color of your desktop background
- Set your desktop with normal background or with blur image animation
- Change filled themes automatically in given time duration
- Applied theme’s images will automatically animate in Blur effect on your desktop background.
- Screensaver starts if the system goes idle
- Hide/Unhide desktop icons
- Supports multiple displays


We would really appreciate it if you could send us any feedback or suggestion you might have for this app. We are fully committed to making it a better app in the days to come. We intend to have an active development cycle backed by your feedback and support at

Please send us your thoughts via email at about any improvements to the future version of the app.

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