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앱 설명

Easy Green Screen Event photography (NOT FOR 10.15 CATALINA!!)

Create Pictures of yourself or others against a green-screen (or blue or even red) and place them in another picture, replacing the original backdrop with a beautiful Picture. You can choose from the sample backgrounds or you can add your own!
The persons are automatically perfectly cut out from your picture, and positioned on a predefined spot in the background you choose. Add PNG overlays that are superimposed on the PictureMe photo.
Drag and drop and custom size the persons so they fit the scene to your liking. The output is automatically scaled for social media Apps.


- Tethers your USB connected camera (Supports almost all cameras, including Canon, Nikon and most other cameras). Photos are automatically transferred to PictureMe.
- Removes the background, using a 200% faster, custom Chromakey algorithm. Use the Sliders to optimise.
- Supports any picture size (JPG) and resizes them to a size fit for social media, web or email.
- Add your own background images.
- Custom overlays superimposed on your PictureMe picture.
- Automatic positioning and scaling based on face recognition.
- Generates JPG files.
- Works with Blue, Green or even Red backdrops, as long as clothing is not of the same color.

Buy the pro version (also available in the AppStore) for more features and higher resolution output.

Not sure this App will tether your camera? First try CameraTether (available in the AppStore for free).

Any questions or feature requests or you have a suggestion for a better translation? Feel free to contact us through the Support Page.

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